Hello! HashKey & ICP & Yumi Edition Collection: A Celebration of Achievements and Collaboration

3 min readAug 25, 2023
Hello! Haskey & ICP & Yumi Edition OAT

Hello! HashKey, DFINITY, and Yumi NFT Marketplace are proud to announce their collaborative venture in launching the exclusive OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) collection, titled “Hello! HashKey & ICP & Yumi Edition.” This collaboration marks a pioneering step toward regulatory compliance and user safety.

The “Hello! HashKey & ICP & Yumi Edition” collection signifies the combination of significant achievements for both Hello! HashKey and Yumi NFT Marketplace. Notably, Hello! HashKey has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the first licensed exchange in Hong Kong. This accomplishment speaks to the platform’s dedication to providing a secure and legitimate trading environment.

Yumi Marketplace, on the other hand, has solidified its position as one of the world’s first regulated NFT marketplaces and is powered by the Internet Computer blockchain, one of the fastest layer 1 blockchain with zero gas fees. This achievement also reinforces Yumi’s commitment to creating a reliable and compliant space in the dynamic realm of NFTs.

To share the excitement with our valued users and supporters, Hello! HashKey and Yumi NFT Marketplace have decided to conduct an airdrop of the untradable and commemorative “Hello! HashKey & ICP & Yumi Edition” OAT pieces. In preparation for this event, Yumi developed an NFT ticketing system for “Hello! HashKey & ICP & Yumi Edition” OAT, so that users can obtain HSK without tampering with the integrity and ownership of the NFT.

Hello! HashKey & ICP & Yumi Edition OAT

Name: Hello! HashKey & ICP & Yumi Edition

Supply: 20,000 OAT

Eligibility: Complete specific tasks on Denet.me and claim the OAT from Yumi NFT Marketplace

OAT Benefits: Receive an item code granting an extra 20 $HSK upon registration at Hello! HashKey

How to get Hello! HashKey & ICP & Yumi Edition OAT and grant HSK

  1. Reward to Yumi's Community
  • This OAT is extended to Yumi identity-verified users and Yumi credit holders before August 24, 2023. Additionally, newcomers have the opportunity to claim the OAT by adhering to a set of rules outlined below. This initiative not only rewards loyal Yumi users but also nurtures a sense of community and inclusivity.

2. Join Denet.me campaign and claim the OAT

  • The event campaign started on Thursday, November 24th. Participants must follow the giveaway procedures on Denet.me for a chance to enter a $500 USD raffle, and claim the “Hello! HashKey & ICP & Yumi Edition” OAT, as well as secure an additional 20 HSK bonus.

Claim Duration:

  • Start Time: August 24th, 2023, 14:00 UTC
  • End Time: August 28th, 2023, 14:00 UTC


Users must meet specific criteria in order to qualify for the OAT and the raffle worth $500 USD:

How do I claim the OAT from Yumi?

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Add yourself to the Whitelist.
  4. Claim the OAT.
  5. Save your item code to get an extra 20 HSK when registering on the Hashkey Exchange.
Follow the steps to claim the OAT

This collaboration symbolizes not only the achievements of Hello! HashKey, DFINITY, and Yumi but also the broader potential of innovative partnerships in the blockchain space. The “Hello! HashKey & ICP & Yumi Edition” collection resonates as a beacon of progress, innovation, and community engagement.

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