Introducing GLD NFTs: Revolutionizing Gold Trading on Yumi NFT Marketplace

3 min readOct 5, 2023
Yumi’s GLD NFTs

Yumi Marketplace, the decentralized NFT marketplace built upon the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), is thrilled to announce the launch of GLD NFTs. These groundbreaking NFTs are poised to transform the way gold is bought and sold by tokenizing physical gold and making it accessible to a wider range of collectors and investors.

In collaboration with Metalor, a prominent player in the gold bullion industry, and ORIGYN protocol, GLD NFTs are linked to real, physical gold bars. Our users can now purchase NFTs representing gold bars in various sizes, including 1 gram, 10 grams, 100 grams, and even a 1-kilogram cast bar. Each GLD NFT is intricately linked to a specific, corresponding gold bullion stored securely in a Swiss vault, ensuring the authenticity and value of the underlying asset.

To establish the authenticity of the physical gold bars, we have employed the cutting-edge digital certification technology developed by our long-term technical partner, the ORIGYN Foundation. ORIGYN Digital Certificates, stored entirely on the ICP blockchain, provide unparalleled data security, immutability, and transparency for valuable assets. These digital certificates can store technical information and multimedia up to 3.5GB, enabling owners to explore, protect, and experience their physical assets in innovative ways.

Transparency and accountability are central to us at Yumi. That’s why we have partnered with internationally renowned auditing firm to provide auditing certificates for our GLD NFTs. These certificates offer buyers and collectors peace of mind, knowing that the gold backing their NFTs has been verified by a trusted third party. Additionally, all gold bullions are insured and held under the custodianship of Bochsler Assets and Security, a reputable finance institution based in Switzerland, further guaranteeing the security of the assets.

“The launch of GLD NFTs represents Yumi’s relentless pursuit of new use cases for NFTs,” said Melissa Song, Head of Growth at Yumi. “By combining the oldest asset class with the latest crypto technology, Yumi is at the forefront of tokenizing physical assets. GLD NFTs offer a secure, transparent, and convenient way for people of all income levels to buy and sell high-quality, Swiss-made gold. This launch exemplifies Yumi’s commitment to providing a secure and accessible platform for trading physical assets.”

Yumi NFT Marketplace, established in 2021, has been dedicated to delivering an accessible NFT marketplace for creators and collectors since our inception. Our platform allows for the creation and trading of NFTs, as well as fractionalized ownership of physical art as NFTs, an integration with Shiku Metaverse, and more. We offer zero gas fees for creators and charge low commissions, making Yumi an attractive platform for NFT enthusiasts worldwide that offers innovative solutions.

The launch of GLD NFTs signifies a significant milestone not only for Yumi but also for the broader NFT and blockchain industry. By integrating physical assets into the digital realm through NFTs, we are paving the way for innovation and disruption in the world of gold trading. Our groundbreaking launch provides a secure and accessible avenue for buying, selling, and trading physical gold, revolutionizing the traditional gold market and providing broader accessibility to this market.

Join us at Yumi in our mission to transform the NFT industry and bring true ownership and virtual immersive experiences to everyone in the digital goods and asset market. Stay up to date with all of our developments by following us on Twitter and joining our Discord server.

Together, we can create a truly decentralized NFT experience where collectors come first.

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