KYC 2.0 on Yumi Marketplace: Elevating Compliance and Empowering Traders

3 min readAug 9, 2023

In the dynamic realm of digital trading, the concept of Know Your Customer (KYC) verification has evolved from being a mere compliance protocol to a fundamental pillar of security and empowerment. Yumi Marketplace, an innovative player in the digital asset landscape, has recognized the importance of KYC and, although not a new feature, has integrated KYC 2.0 to enhance user experiences and uphold the integrity of the platform. In this educational exploration, we delve into the essence of KYC, the tangible benefits it offers, and how Yumi Marketplace’s KYC 2.0 contributes to a thriving trading ecosystem.

The Evolution of KYC: From Compliance to Empowerment

KYC, often regarded as the cornerstone of responsible financial practices, has gained significant traction in the digital domain. Yumi Marketplace’s proactive stance on KYC underscores our dedication to ensuring a secure environment for all participants. While the implementation of KYC 2.0 may not be recent news, the significance of this practice remains steadfast, as it serves to establish a sense of trust between traders, creators, and the platform itself.

Yumi Marketplace has been at the forefront of innovation, introducing pioneering projects that enrich the overall NFT trading and collecting experience. Our KYC 2.0 aligns seamlessly with this commitment to progress. It’s not just about regulatory adherence; it’s about imparting knowledge and empowerment to traders, arming them with tools to engage safely and meaningfully within the marketplace.

The KYC 2.0 Tiered System: A Path to Versatile Trading

Yumi Marketplace’s KYC 2.0 introduces a tiered verification system that caters to the diverse trading preferences of its users. Each tier is thoughtfully designed to provide distinct benefits and trading limits, fostering a flexible trading experience:

  • Tier 1: Geared towards newcomers and those exploring the digital asset landscape, Tier 1 verification allows trading up to $10,000. This entry point facilitates a hassle-free initiation into the world of digital assets.
  • Tier 2: With expanded limits of up to $50,000, Tier 2 verification accommodates traders with a more substantial appetite for trading. It strikes a balance between accessibility and enhanced potential.
  • Tier 3: Crafted for high-volume traders, Tier 3 offers custom limits that cater to diverse trading strategies and magnitudes. This tier embodies Yumi Marketplace’s commitment to inclusivity and versatility.

Unlocking Opportunities with KYC 2.0

The advantages of KYC 2.0 extend far beyond regulatory requirements:

  • NFT Collections: Verified traders gain access to a captivating array of NFT collections, enabling them to participate in a world of creative expression and innovation.
  • GLD NFTs: The opportunity to trade GLD NFTs bridges the gap between traditional and digital assets, offering a unique fusion of value and art.
  • Physical Art NFTs: KYC verification unlocks the realm of Physical Art NFTs, where the boundaries of artistry are pushed to new horizons.
  • Shiku Lands: Verified traders can immerse themselves in the virtual landscapes of Shiku Metaverse, exploring and owning digital land parcels.
  • Earning Yumi Credits: KYC 2.0 empowers traders to earn Yumi credits, enhancing their trading journey with valuable rewards.

Onfido: Elevating Trust and Credibility

Central to the success of KYC 2.0 is our collaboration with Onfido, a renowned leader in identity verification and authentication. Backed by a track record of professionalism and cutting-edge technology, Onfido ensures that our traders’ identities are verified seamlessly, securely, and with the utmost integrity.


Yumi Marketplace’s KYC 2.0 represents a pivotal moment in our journey towards enhancing compliance, security, and user empowerment. By offering a tiered verification system, collaborating with industry-leading partners like Onfido, and introducing a multiplier-based airdrop, we are not only ensuring regulatory adherence but also building an environment where traders thrive and opportunities abound. Join us in embracing this transformative upgrade as we reshape the future of trading together.

Kindly be aware that a fully verified KYC profile is essential for engaging in NFT trading on the Yumi Marketplace. Additionally, a special limited-edition NFT will be allocated to users with completed KYC profiles on a first-come, first-served basis as a delightful surprise.

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