The Digital Renaissance of Gold in the Gold DAO Era

2 min readNov 6, 2023

Yumi Marketplace, a key player in the Gold DAO initiative, has been instrumental in this monumental shift. Let’s explore Yumi’s crucial role and responsibility in bringing this golden vision to life.

Embracing the Gold Digital Frontier

The Gold DAO, initiated by DAO.Link, is a groundbreaking project aiming to digitize and democratize the value of gold through blockchain technology. Yumi Marketplace is not just a participant, but plays a fundamental role. Collaborating with the ORIGYN Protocol, Yumi is set on a mission to bring the new type of ownership of physical gold to the world.

Phase 1: Gold Reimagined

Yumi, alongside ORIGYN, has given life to the innovative first phase of the Gold DAO.

Here, the blockchain technology meets the tangible Gold bar, as GLD-NFTs — digital ownership of physical gold bars securely stored in Swiss Vault — come into existence. Each GLD-NFT isn’t just a digital representation; it’s a true one-to-one ownership of the gold bar produced with the highest standard by Metalor (A world leading Gold Refiner and producer).

Phase 2: Bring your Gold to life!

Gold’s value should not just be locked in the vault. What Phase 2 introduces, under Gold DAO is the dawn of a new era of liquidity. Transforming GLD-NFTs into GLDT, a fungible token, GLDT is a Gold Digital Commodity, marks the unleashing of gold’s full potential. Each 1 gram of gold converts to 100 GLDT tokens.
It’s no longer just about possession; it’s about limitless exchange and payment opportunities, all while the gold bar is securely stored in the vault. Can you comprehend the door it opens ?! Anyone with a smartphone can receive liquid gold as a means of payment or store of value. Escaping the inflationary currencies, and the monopol banking system and their intermediaries.

Phase 3: Real Gold as the Backbone of Currency

In this final phase, the nature of gold as a commodity becomes crucial as it paves the way for the creation of a stable-coin, USDG, which is benchmarked against the U.S. dollar’s value, with potential expansions beyond just the USD.

The Golden Horizon Awaits

Yumi’s role isn’t just about a marketplace for GLD NFT, It’s a beacon of trust, embodying the core of the Gold DAO — democratizing and safeguarding gold’s value. By joining forces with industry leaders, Yumi ensures that the project isn’t just technologically superior but also provides transparency, decentralization, and trust to the gold owners.

Come, be a part of this journey. Witness history in the making, as Yumi and Gold DAO redefine gold for generations to come.




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