Yumi Credit: Trade and Earn Rewards

What is Yumi Credit?

Yumi Credit is non-tradable and non-transferable digital certificate generated through transactions in Yumi's primary and secondary markets.

Distribution of Yumi Credit

Primary Market

When creators initially launch their NFTs on Yumi, the collections get listed on the Launchpad or in Mystery Boxes. Yumi then temporarily charges a 10% service fee, while the remaining 90% of the transaction amount (ICP) goes directly to the creator. In order to incentivise trading on Yumi’s primary market, every 1 ICP Yumi receives is converted to 10 Yumi Credit points, 70% of which go to the buyer and 30% to the creator. Yumi Credit points are are distributed immediately after every transaction.

Secondary Market

All NFT transactions not conducted on Yumi’s launchpad and Mystery Boxes are secondary market transactions.

Benefits for Yumi Credit Holders

  1. Receive regular airdrops from Yumi
  2. Yumi Credit points grant users a VIP status on the marketplace
  3. Top 1000 Yumi Credit holders will have a chance to win a Martian Avatar
  4. More benefits coming soon

About Yumi

Yumi is a high-speed, low-cost, and fully decentralized NFT marketplace built on Internet Computer (IC). All digital collectibles available on Yumi are hosted fully on-chain. The minting of NFTs is completely free for creators (no gas fees). In addition to NFTs, users trading on Yumi are awarded with Yumi Credit points, exchangeable for Shiku metaverse tokens (coming soon). Yumi provides a one-stop-shop experience for NFT enthusiasts.

Why Yumi?



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Yumi is an NFT marketplace built on Internet Computer blockchain. Ultra-fast, highly secure, low-cost and 100% decentralized with NFTs stored fully on-chain.