Introducing Yumi: a New IC-Based NFT Marketplace


Yumi is a high-speed, low-cost, and fully decentralized NFT marketplace built on Internet Computer (IC). All digital collectibles available on Yumi are hosted fully on-chain. The minting of NFTs is completely free for creators (no gas fees). In addition to NFTs, users trading on Yumi are awarded with Yumi Credit points, exchangeable for Shiku metaverse tokens (coming soon). Yumi provides a one-stop-shop experience for NFT enthusiasts.


Yumi marketplace supports NFT minting, trading, and bidding, but also many others.


NFT collections can be minted in a multitude of ways. Yumi offers diverse minting and distribution methods that can be adapted to the individual NFT collection's needs. Such customizations include but are not limited to Mystery Box sales, auctioning, and direct selling.

Mystery Box

“Mystery Box” is a new feature which will enrich the NFT trading experience on Yumi. Owners of NFT collections can create mystery boxes with different sets of NFTs stored inside. Users can then choose to purchase the mystery boxes instead of individual NFTs. The NFTs in a mystery box are classified based on their rarity. The rarer an NFT is, the higher its secondary resale value.


Yumi allows users to take advantage of the NFT bidding function in form of Dutch style auction.

Make Offer

Potential buyers can bid for an NFT that is not listed for sale on the marketplace. If the NFT owner accepts the offer, the transaction can take place.

Why choose Yumi?

Yumi adopts the strengths and avoids the weaknesses of the existing NFT marketplaces. Yumi is an open, decentralized and secure platform that safeguards the interests of creators and users alike.

  • True decentralization: Yumi is fully decentralized, including the front and back end. No central authority can block your access to your digital collectibles.
  • Privacy protection: Internet Identity developed by Dfinity protects users’ privacy.
  • On-chain hosting: All NFT data (including the artwork itself) is hosted fully on-chain, rather than consisting of a hyperlink to an off-chain stored file. That means that no central authority can block access to your digital collectibles.
  • Free minting & no gas fees: Yumi offers free minting for creators and features no gas fees (stable reverse gas model). Developers supply the funds needed to run the applications, which means zero gas/minting fee for users. The gas, known as “cycles”, is stable as1x1012cycles=1SDR (US$ 1.41). On Yumi, the platform covers the fees for minting and transacting, letting the users experience a marketplace without gas fees.
  • Review mechanism: Yumi reviews the art before it gets listed to safeguard the interest of creators and users, and prevent plagiarism and copy minting.
  • Open NFT protocol: The NFT protocol supported by Yumi allows creators to list and trade their NFTs on multiple platforms. At the same time, said platforms still receive transaction fees, increasing the potential for exposure of individual collections.
  • Yumi Credit: Whenever you trade NFTs on Yumi, you earn Yumi Credit points as trading rewards. Yumi Credit points will be redeemable for Shiku metaverse tokens (coming soon).
  • Support for creators: Yumi helps artists and creators gain additional exposure at numerous stages of their project, including: warm-up, official launch, AMA sessions, and more. Additionally, artists and project parties who mint NFTs on Yumi will receive up to 10% of the royalties.

Internet Identity & IC

Easily log in with your Internet Identity or one of the supported wallets and access Yumi quickly and securely.

Yumi uses the IC’s decentralized Internet Identity to log into the platform through biometric authentication and assign users different identifiers on various dApps, protecting their privacy and avoiding tracking.

Yumi is powered by Internet Computer which offers extremely fast query speed (<200ms), fast transaction settlement (<2 seconds) and extremely low on-chain data storage cost. This allows Yumi to easily store large files like audio, images and videos directly on-chain and at no cost.


If you’re an artist or a project creator and want to collaborate with us, please make sure to fill out the form below. Yumi will get back to you soon 💚

Why Yumi?



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Yumi is an NFT marketplace built on Internet Computer blockchain. Ultra-fast, highly secure, low-cost and 100% decentralized with NFTs stored fully on-chain.