Yumi NFT Marketplace receives $25k Grant from DFINITY Foundation

Yumi NFT Marketplace is very proud to announce that we have received a DFINITY Developer Grant of $25,000 to further develop the marketplace’s features and capabilities. This is an official recognition that Yumi is significantly contributing to the growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Yumi is home to a multitude of NFT collections and has established collaborations with major communities and players throughout the IC ecosystem. It has been rapidly growing in popularity and is now one of the most utilized NFT marketplaces built on ICP. Yumi distinguishes itself through its excellent customer service, frequent product updates, and its receptivity to the community’s feedback.

What’s the grant for?

The Yumi Team is dedicated to continually improving the platform by adding new product features and services–something this grant will fuel and encourage. Some of our recent developments and improvements include:

  • Responsiveness: the website is now fully optimized for all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile).
  • More wallets integrated: users may now use the most prevalent ICP wallets to seamlessly connect to Yumi and trade their NFTs (Plug, Internet Identity, Stoic, Infinity Wallet, AstroX Me).
All supported ICP wallets on Yumi.
  • Yumi Credits: Yumi users are now rewarded with “Yumi Credits” when trading NFTs on Yumi. The credit balance may be seen on the profile page. You will be able to use the credits in the upcoming Shiku Metaverse. Detailed mechanics and benefits of the Yumi Credits may be found here: https://bts-3.gitbook.io/yumi-docs/tuc0GD5bpZDY9b598Lgl/yumi-credit-and-platform-fees
  • Bundle Purchasing: on the launchpad, users may now purchase NFTs in different bundle sizes, depending on the discretion of the collection creators.
Example of bundle purchasing on Yumi.
  • Turbo-speed loading: backend optimizations significantly improve user experience.

The DFINITY Foundation has been impressed with Yumi’s development so far and pledged support towards further milestones.

What’s next?

The Yumi team is proud of our accomplishments so far, but will always strive to deliver more value to our creators and collectors. So, what’s next for us?

  • Support of 3D NFTs: allowing collections to include 3D formats that can be displayed on the marketplace
  • Rarity: include rarity calculation & ranking of NFT collections
  • Artist Selection: allow artists to mint individual NFTs
  • Profile Customization: Offer improved profile features and customization
  • NFT Statistics & Activity: develop a dashboard to show comprehensive statistics about NFT collections and their trading activity

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for future developments.

More on DFINITY Grants

The DFINITY Developer Grant Program aims to catalyze the growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem and make the Internet Computer accessible and approachable to more developers around the world by providing support to promising developers and teams, see DFINITY Developer Grant Program.

More on Yumi Marketplace

Yumi Marketplace is a fully decentralized web3 marketplace for NFTs and digital assets. Yumi believes in NFTs as the key building blocks of the metaverse. The marketplace gives you access to digital goods and collectables. Yumi makes it easy to discover, collect, and sell extraordinary NFTs for all kinds of use cases; whether you are a digital artist, a designer or a project looking to launch your digital works, you can rely on Yumi.

Yumi is built entirely on-chain on the Internet Computer, enabling it to be high-speed, low-cost, open, secure and 100% decentralized. All digital collectibles available on Yumi are hosted fully on-chain.

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Yumi is an NFT marketplace built on Internet Computer blockchain. Ultra-fast, highly secure, low-cost and 100% decentralized with NFTs stored fully on-chain.

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Yumi is an NFT marketplace built on Internet Computer blockchain. Ultra-fast, highly secure, low-cost and 100% decentralized with NFTs stored fully on-chain.